Cách Tạo Thêm Heading Trong Word 2010

Making an automatic table of contents in essays or dissertations seems simple, but not for some of you who are not familiar with Word. Some of your difficulties are.

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Failure to lớn set multiple headings causes the table of contents to lớn be incomplete or the headings lớn be at the same màn chơi.How tocreate a table of contents automaticallyon the blank page & the nội dung starts from page 1?It’s difficult for Hieu to lớn agree with this installation, but through this article, I won’t get there.Heading và table of contents bad format, hard khổng lồ see.Do not update page numbers & headings when you change content.

Briefly, your difficulties are like that, now let’s get khổng lồ work.

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Setting headings in word

To use headings in word effectively & save time editing the format, you need to create headings with multiple levels from the beginning (usually from 1 to 6). It says it’s created, but it’s actually available; it just doesn’t show it lớn you.

Create headings in word

At the Word interface on the trang chủ tab, cliông chồng the Style button or press the Alt Ctrl Shift S key combination khổng lồ display the Style panel.


The Paragraph panel that appears shows that it is only different from the paragraph format in the Spacing section. It would be best if you put Line spacing as your paragraph format. As for Before and After, you consider 0 lớn 2 only.

For the sake of beauty, I recommkết thúc that the Paragraphs of the headings are formatted the same. Simple is the best :))

This thing repeats for all headings and whatever you bởi vì, rethành viên to check New documents based on this template. Don’t listen to that toad.

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To check if it has been saved forever, press Ctrl N (open a new file) khổng lồ see if it’s saved lượt thích that; if not, turn off the newly opened tệp tin & go back to lớn the unsaved place in New documents based on this template.

Ok fine! Now we bởi the rest has added the table of contents automatically.

Create automatic table of contents in Word

Creating a table of contents in wordwith the image below will help you không tính tiền :)) You need to follow the order of the steps below.

Add headings to headings

To easily manage headings, you should turn on Navigation by Ctrl F (find) as shown.

In the Navigation bar, select the Heading tab khổng lồ see how they represent the headings arranged.

For example, below, chapter 1 is the highest level; I chose it as heading 1 (leave sầu the mouse on that line and click on heading 1). Immediately on the Heading tab of the Navigation bar, Chapter 1 appears, as shown below. In the other headings, you do the same and observe sầu the Heading tab to lớn see if they are in the right place.

To delete headings, click Normal. When you’re done, rethành viên lớn Ctrl-A and change the text color khổng lồ black for the headings lớn be less gaudy!!

After attaching all headings to lớn the headings, you will have sầu a beautiful table of contents; continue reading the following steps.

White page break in Word

Usually, the nội dung will start from page 1. And you have sầu trouble inserting the table of contents where the nội dung starts from another page number while the table of contents or other introductions eat from page 1