The error message ‘There is not enough space on the disk lớn complete this operation’ is caused by when you are trying lớn create a new partition, shrink or extend a volume using the Disk Management. This error can be caused by the MBR partition limit, while sometimes it also occurs because the Disk Management utility isn’t able lớn detect the operation performed. If you are trying to extkết thúc a volume without having sufficient space, you will be given the said error message. Being able khổng lồ shrink, create a new or extover a volume without having to reinstall the operating system is a blessing.

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There is not Enough Space Available on the Disk

There are times, however, where you will be left with just an error message. Errors as such are usually not a big deal & can be easily dealt with by using a few solutions. Thus, we are here to show you how to isolate your issue easily — without having to lớn go through many orgiao dịch.

What causes the ‘There is not Enough Space on the Disk lớn Complete this Operation’ Error Message on Windows 10?

Well, the said error message can often appear due to one of the following factors —

Not Enough Space for the Specified Operation: If you are trying khổng lồ extover a volume without having enough unallocated space, you will be prompted with the said error message.Disk Management Utility Error: In some cases, the error message appears because the Disk Management utility is not able lớn detect the changes made lớn the partitions. In such a case, you will have sầu to lớn rescan the disks.MBR Partition Limit: By default, Windows uses the MBR partition system. The MBR partition system is an old system that can allow only 4 partitions at a time, therefore, if you already have sầu 4 partitions, you won’t be able khổng lồ create a new one.

You can fix your issue by implementing the solutions given down below. Please make sure to lớn follow them in the same order as provided in order khổng lồ giảm giá khuyến mãi with the error message quickly.

Solution 1: Rescan Disks

As we have sầu mentioned above, the error message, sometimes, is because the Disk Management utility is not able lớn detect the actions that you have sầu made i.e shrink a volume etc. In such a case, you will have sầu to just rescan the disks & you will be good to go. Here’s how lớn do it:

Press Windows Key + X và select Disk Management from the danh sách lớn open the Disk Management utility.Once it loads up, go to lớn Actions in the menu bar and select Rescan Disks.
Rescanning DisksWait for it to complete.Check if it isolates the issue.

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Solution 2: Check Current Partitions

In some cases, the error message appears because you have sầu already reached the limit of the allowed partitions. Windows, by default, use the MBR partition system which is an old system. There’s a new partition system called GPT that you can use in case you want lớn have sầu more than 4 partitions on your hard drive. Hence, if you already 4 partitions, you won’t be able to lớn create a new one while using the MBR partition system.

In case you want lớn convert MBR partition system khổng lồ GPT, you can bởi so by referring to this guide published on our site.

Solution 3: Extend Volume using Third-Party Software

In case you are receiving the error message while trying khổng lồ extkết thúc a volume, you can bởi so by using third-buổi tiệc nhỏ software. You will have sầu to lớn không tính tiền up some space if you don’t already have in order to extend a volume. Here’s how lớn vị it:

Once installed, launch the EaseUS Partition Manager.Now, to create some không tính phí space, you will have sầu lớn shrink a volume. If you already have unallocated space, skip this step. Right-click on the partition that you wish lớn shrink & select ‘Resize/Move’. Drag the partition ends or just type in the new kích thước of the partition in the Partition Size box. Cliông chồng OK.
Freeing up SpaceAfterward, right-cliông chồng on the partition you wish lớn extover & clichồng ‘Resize/Move’.Drag the right handle towards the unallocated space & then clichồng OK to extkết thúc the volume.
Extending VolumeFinally, clichồng on ‘Exexinh tươi 1 Operation’ at the top-left corner & then hit Apply.
Applying the Changes
By Kevin ArrowsMarch 16, 2020
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Fix: There is not Enough Space on the Disk lớn Complete this Operation on Windows 10

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